New York Times Your No-Sweat Guide to Wines for Thanksgiving

Over 18 years, we’ve accumulated a lot of insights about what makes certain wines good for Thanksgiving. We’ve learned that it does not much matter what grapes go into the wine, or where it comes from.

We don’t fret about specific food-and-wine pairings. Certain components like turkey and stuffing may seem invariable, but the preparations are so individualistic and the sides so diverse that pinpoint pairings feel like futile fussiness.

Château Maris Minervois Syrah-Grenache La Livinière Natural Selection 2018 $18 ★★★

Lively and inviting, with intense flavors of earthy red fruits. (Cordier U.S.A., New Rochelle, N.Y.)

Julia brought Château Maris La Livinière from the Languedoc region of Minervois, a juicy, inviting blend of syrah and grenache. Its only flaw was an elevated alcohol level of 14.5 percent . Nonetheless, the wine was delicious. Languedoc reds can be excellent choices.

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Wine & Spirits- Green from the Ground Up

by Tara Q. Thomas   •  May 17, 2021

Mustard planted between the rows in Château Maris’s vineyard.

This is Robert Eden’s effort to put out a biodynamically raised, sustainably made wine at a price more accessible than that of the top cuvées he makes at Château Maris, his B-Corp certified hemp winery. The Burgundy bottles, made mostly of recycled glass, are ultralight; the boxes they are shipped in are recycled materials as well. And the wine itself is made from biodynamically grown fruit, vinified without any inputs in the winery save for a little sulfur. Grown on the limestone terraces of La Livinière, the wine is rich yet lively, dark berry flavors whisked along by a sense of wind over stony, scrubby Languedoc earth.

Cordier USA, Brooklyn, NY


Maris 2017 Minervois La Livinière Natural Selection

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