Vitisphere talks about our eco-built cellar

By Alexandre Abellan

“When we are biodynamic, we try to capture energy, not consume it”

Robert Eden is at the head of Château Maris (45 hectares of vines in Félines-Minervois, Hérault). The Languedoc estate has the particularity of having a semi-buried hemp cellar. Finalized in 2010, its vat room and cellar have walls made of hemp and lime bricks: good insulation, “it is a material that breathes. The hemp bricks do the filling and are supported by wooden posts,” explains Robert Eden, who adds that each wall is made up of two walls with an intermediate space (emphasizing the insulation and allowing air to circulate)

With 1,000 m² of surface area without air conditioning, this vegetable cellar displays a temperature ranging from 11 to 19°C throughout the year. A thermal buffer that doubles as carbon dioxide capture since its installation

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