Château Maris in the famous newspaper “The New Yorker”.

By Adam Iscoe, July 18, 2022

“We’re trying to implement this new wording, so people understand that it’s a cargo ship and a sailboat,” Matthieu Riou, who is the company’s export director, said the other day, stepping aboard Grain de Sail, a two-masted aluminum-hulled schooner. He wore a backward baseball cap, dirty white sneakers, and a T-shirt with an illustration of a woman drinking wine and smoking a cigarette. “The goal is to bring some new stuff to the U.S., wines that have never been distributed in New York City. New types of grapes, new types of techniques.” After twenty-four days at sea, the cargo sailboat, which is registered as an official merchant vessel by the French government, had arrived in New York Harbor, with eight thousand bottles: Château Maris grenache, Ferme de la Sansonniere Chenin Blanc, Charles Heidsieck champagne. A sailor named François Le Naoures said, “This is the first time since Prohibition that we import so much alcohol by sail.”

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