Our notes by James Suckling

The glowing scores awarded to our wines by tasting expert James Suckling reflect the quintessence of our commitment to oenological excellence at Château Maris, highlighting the subtle aromas and fine flavours that characterise each of our vintages.

James Suckling is a leading figure in the world of wine, renowned for his unrivalled expertise in tasting and his infectious passion for oenology. A wine critic, journalist and writer, Suckling has devoted much of his career to exploring the world’s vineyards and evaluating its most exquisite nectars.

A former editor-in-chief of Wine Spectator magazine, Suckling has made a significant contribution to elevating wine criticism to a refined art form. His detailed approach and ability to translate the subtle nuances of a wine into captivating words make his reviews indispensable references for wine connoisseurs and producers alike.

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