Wine & Spirits- Green from the Ground Up

by Tara Q. Thomas   •  May 17, 2021

Mustard planted between the rows in Château Maris’s vineyard.

This is Robert Eden’s effort to put out a biodynamically raised, sustainably made wine at a price more accessible than that of the top cuvées he makes at Château Maris, his B-Corp certified hemp winery. The Burgundy bottles, made mostly of recycled glass, are ultralight; the boxes they are shipped in are recycled materials as well. And the wine itself is made from biodynamically grown fruit, vinified without any inputs in the winery save for a little sulfur. Grown on the limestone terraces of La Livinière, the wine is rich yet lively, dark berry flavors whisked along by a sense of wind over stony, scrubby Languedoc earth.

Cordier USA, Brooklyn, NY


Maris 2017 Minervois La Livinière Natural Selection

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