Organic Masters 2020: 3 awards for Chateau Maris – The Drinks Business

Three wines from Château Maris have been awarded at the Organic Global Masters 2020 by The Drinks Business : The highest award, Master to Brama 2016 and two gold medals one for Savoir Vieillir 2019 and Las Combes 2017 .

Brama 2016- MASTER MEDAL “At the very top of the organic white wine quality pyramid in this year’s competition was an oily, barrel-fermented blockbuster from brilliant biodynamic stalwart Château Maris in Minervois.  Attractive and interesting nose with orchard fruits and wood shaving, a delicious palate with some peach, lemon apple honey and beeswax. Palate delicious, with some peach, lemon, apple, honey and beeswax, then some grip and freshness.

” Juicy, masses of black cherry, raspberry, spice, and tannin, some warmth, medium weight, bit of prune and alcohol warmth, but juicy, fleshy sweet ripe wine with nice firm structure and spice. Good value. Also made with no added sulphites.”

LAS COMBES 2017 GOLD MEDAL “Lovely juicy soft red berry fruit nose, palate with lots of sweet ripe crushed strawberry fruit, bit like ripe pinot, but sweeter, with some alcohol warmth, white pepper, soft tasting, some tannin but dry and fine. Quite warming, but delicious easy wine with class. Hard not to drink. ”

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