Château Maris

Rose de Nymphe Émue

The “Cuisse de Nymphe Emue” is a variety of pink rose, a very pale pink pulling slightly on the mauve. It was brought to France at the end of the 17th century, from Crimea.

This coloured Languedoc rosé is a testament to exceptional sunshine. Pressed directly without contact with the skins, it reveals a fleshy pink color worthy of a “Thigh of Nymph Emue”. The nose and mouth confirm this impression through notes of red berries and citrus fruits. A summer rosé par excellence to share with friends.

Organic Rosé wine • AOC Languedoc, biodynamic wine
Vinification • Our rosé is pressed directly without being in contact with the skins and is fermented in a stainless-steel vat
Food pairing • Its roundness and hint of acidity are perfect to accompany a picnic, salads, barbecue
Serving temperature • 10-12°C
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