The Maris philosophy

Inspire and act for change

Château Maris is the first European vineyard to obtain B Corporation® certification, a label recognised by the UN and the European Commission. B Corporation® certification promotes companies that transform their business into a virtuous force for good: good for workers, good for communities and good for the environment.
Our goal has always been to produce quality wines by adopting practices that respect not only nature, but also the men and women with whom we work.
We are committed to inspiring other wineries and companies to adopt sustainable agricultural practices and socially responsible corporate policies.

For more than 20 years, we have been the architects of sustainable viticulture that takes care of the life around us, and places Nature in the hearts of Man and Man at the heart of Nature.
We firmly believe it is possible to produce quality wines while respecting the vine. Today, we are happy to preserve the beauty and richness of our land, out of respect for it, for our work, for our customers, and for our children. Through our high standards, we produce sustainable wines, which are as good as they are attractive and organic.

Vue sur des vignes et un village en fond

For us, it is a question of respecting the whole cycle, and not just a part of it.


The Family

United by the bonds of nature

Community is the cornerstone of the Château Maris philosophy. For more than 25 years, we have been a family of enthusiasts, all of whom have given in to the charm of La Livinière’s exquisite vineyards.
Here, there is no hierarchy. Everyone plays their part with the same optimistic goal: to make ever more attractive and innovative wines, all while respecting nature, without which nothing would be possible. This symbiosis between Man and Nature is the hallmark of Château Maris.

After having travelled throughout the most beautiful wine-growing regions in the world, working with many renowned oenologists, Robert fell under the spell of La Livinière and moved to Château Maris in 1997 with his family. His wife, Encarnacion Eden was closely involved contributing to several projects over the years most recently with the interior design and artwork in our own Villa Maris.

With a desire to produce high-quality wines that respect the environment, Robert implemented an organic and biodynamic approach from the outset. A committed winegrower and world-renowned specialist in biodynamics, he promotes the benefits of this practice throughout the sector, thus inspiring global environmental change.

Kevin Parker is the co-owner of Château Maris. Alongside Robert Eden, he guarantees the longevity of the Château’s philosophy. Managing Partner of SICM (Sustainable Insight Capital Management) in New York and previously a member of Deutsche Bank’s board of directors, he argues that the science of climate change is irrefutable.

Groupe de vignerons Château Maris dans les vignes