Château Maris in Languedoc: Europe’s 1st Certified B Corp Winery.

Published 01/25/2022 : Grape Experiences – by Cindy

When I think of the Languedoc region in France where I visited a few months ago, my first thoughts are of abundant sunshine, hospitable people, stunning landscapes and wines as unique and fresh as anything I’ve sipped. But there’s another element to the Languedoc that is just as pervasive: a conscientious commitment to the environment on the part of winemakers and winegrowers.

Just recently, I received four wines (as samples) from Château Marisand once I learned more about the owners’ mission, it was obvious that this estate, on many levels, was yet another example of a compelling place to explore in Languedoc. Why? For starters, Chateau Maris is the first European vineyard to obtain B Corporation certification, a label recognized by the UN and European Commission. The certification indicates that Château Maris is transforming “their business into a virtuous force for good: good for workers, good for communities and good for the environment.” At the Château, the goal is to “produce quality wines by adopting practices that respect not only nature, but also the men and women with whom we work.”.

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