A pair of Minervois- Rosemary George

Rosemary George Reviews two Chateau Maris wines in her Blog Taste Languedoc

“Bertie makes a variety of different wines. There is a textured Grenache Gris, Brama, Vin de France, from young wines.  Les Anciens is mainly Carignan aged in 50 hl foudres for 15 months.  Bertie enthused about Carignan.  ‘It is a noble variety here, and it can stand up to the seasons’.    This had the elegant rusticity that is the benchmark of good Carignan, with some firm red fruit. ” 

Thanks to Armit Wines, I have recently enjoyed, and indeed compared and contrasted La Touge with les Combes. 

2017 La Touge, Minervois la Livinière – £18.00

Deep young colour.  Ripe spicy berry fruit on both nose and palate, with a balancing streak of tannin.  Lots of red berry fruit.   A lovely depth of flavour.  Quite simply, the warm south in a glass, sunshine and garrigues, and all the more appealing on a cold winter’s evening with sausage and mash.  Nicely balanced and drinking beautifully. 

2017 Minervois Las Combes – £21.68

From old vine Grenache, and making a very appealing contrast with la Touge.   The colour is much lighter, as you would expect from Grenache.  And there is a wonderful liqueur cherry note on the nose, which repeats on the palate with a streak of tannin.  Medium weight.  A touch of alcohol on the finish and indeed it does reach 15°, but none the less retains its balance.  A touch of cinnamon and spice, with elegance and depth.

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